01 May 2015

The Seed

Currently, I'm going through more changes and shifts than I ever thought one person could handle at once. Every facet of my life is being tested, or rather, turned inside-out. I'm at my limit. I've felt sore, bruised, and downtrodden for several weeks. I've been tossed around and had to actively will myself to get back up. I've been lifted up with hope, and then fallen limp again. And like when someone pokes at a fresh bruise ("Where'd ya get this?"), it hurts (and generally sucks when other people notice your battle scars)! But that vulnerable prod only hurts for a moment - IF you can focus on the goal and let go of the processIf you can see and embody the vision, instead of fixate on the how to / when you'll get there, this whole "living" thing becomes a lot more enjoyable. 

I'll elaborate... My hypnotherapist frequently gives me this example, and in tough times, it instantly makes everything so abundantly clear. 

Think of a seed. Perhaps the seed of an apple tree. Within this seed, there is a "vision," a blueprint for what it will become. This seed isn't going to suddenly become an avocado tree or a hydrangea (although there are some pretty interesting crossbreeds these days). It's destined to grow into an apple tree and it rests assured with that knowledge. Does the seed agonize over the process of becoming the tree? Stress over sprouting roots? No - it allows the wind to blow it to welcoming soil, and patiently awaits for the rain, nourishment from the earth, and sunshine it needs to sprout and grow into a lush tree. Process is the furthest thing from its mind. All it holds is the vision of the tree. Everything the seed does, from the time of its release from the mother apple, is from the loving, confident, and excited place of knowing it is a tree. The seed doesn't fret went it's completely cracked open and flipped inside-out. The mature tree doesn't sweat it when its fruit starts to rot. But it trusts the process, and all of its little steps, by default of holding the vision.

This example has been my scripture over the last week. It's so 'in my nature' to over-analyze, attempt to predict the future, and try to control every little step that is going to get me to whatever the desired end result. Whether I'm plotting out my weekend plans, or thinking about 'where I see myself in 5 years,' I get so caught up in process. It literally makes me anxious, short of breath, and generally deflated. Over time, this mode of hyper-thinking and weighing the billions of possible options paralyzes me from action, and totally muddies what my actual vision and goal are. In stressing and guessing and anticipating the process, I lose the vision. Suddenly, having a fun weekend or being an inspired / inspiring content researcher has vanished from view. The process becomes my vision, and I'm always left disappointed or just plain exhausted. Because, the process is the most unsure, unpredictable part of this whole reality. The how and when your vision comes to fruition in the physical world typically depends on a series of outside factors, and we simply can't control them all. Nor should we waste our precious life energy doing so.

But what we can do, is hold the vision in our consciousness. Don't dangle it out in front just out of reach, like something outside of yourself. Integrate it into you, and accept it as YOUR blueprint. Whether that vision is being a homeowner, having a loving relationship with your parents, or booking an abundance of clients or sales... let that be your divine DNA, and accept it as such. Love it as truth. Feel overwhelming gratitude and elation for it. And, following suit, your reality will spring to life around you with what THAT in mind. (Your thoughts create your reality.) We will start to see opportunities to move towards this vision where we wouldn't have noticed before. Others will start to see that vision reflected in us and our actions in the world, and treat us as such. Treat us and see us as that smart, successful homeowner, or that adored, appreciated, top-of-the-charts saleswoman. Those "others" may be potential lovers, employers, employees, friends, neighbors, landlords, financiers, supporters... They will treat you as your vision, if you are embodying it. 

I challenge you to BE the seed.

Embody the vision and let go of all tension around it. Accept it as an inherent part of you, not reliant on anything outside of you to prove it into existence or possibility. Like the unconditional, intimate relationship between a mother and her growing baby, hold your vision as a precious part of you. The pregnant mother doesn't hate and anticipate and clench around every moment of pregnancy. Like the seed, she knows that it takes time, patience, and love to grow her vision, her baby.

One big question I had for my hypnotherapist about this "embodiment" exercise is how to keep the vision specific enough to really call in what you want, but not so specific that you don't give it enough space to breath and reveal itself to you? (Again, process-obsessed. I'm learning!)

Here's another way he explained how to hold the vision, instead of the process, in mind... Imagine that you want to travel to a tropical island. That's your vision. You feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze graze your skin. You see the lush landscape and the crystal water. You experience the soft sand under you and the ocean lap at your feet. You are at peace and you feel completely blissed out. Keep THAT in mind. Don't think about the ticket prices, the flight or ship that will get you there, or what you should pack. You don't even need to fixate on the exact location. It's not about the vessel (process), it's about the destination. Live from a place of "headed towards that destination," and the little cogs and wheels will start to turn and click into place to get you there.

"Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?" - Rumi

The Cinematic Orchestra


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