27 November 2012


This quote is so very true. It's not life's difficulties or the misfortunes we encounter that determine our peace and happiness -- it's how we view them and how we respond that truly determines our development. The adverse situation or the difficult person we are dealing with are NOT what need to change -- instead, it's our perspective that WE must change. It's easy to think about all of the things we wish that people didn't do, or fantasize about the way we wish a relationship with someone (coworker, family member, etc.) could be. But people rarely change. And who are YOU that they would change for you? Instead of trying to change people, change your view of them. Look at them through loving, accepting eyes and get rid of that nasty judgement. The same goes for adverse situations that pop up. If you can't change the situation, then learn how to be comfortable in it. Our perspective and our reactions are something that we always have 100% control of. Never forget that! Be accountable.

"Your validation is just not that important to me"

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