20 November 2012

Giving Fearlessly.

I've been slipping back into a bad habit lately, and today I want to draw attention to it, shine a light on it, to weaken that tendency. I think a lot of you can relate, so I want to share it with you.

I have a habit of holding back emotions/thoughts/expressions for fear of how they are received. Oldest fear in the books, right? Well, maybe not exactly. But it's common... too common. What is it that keeps us so pent up with expectations and fear of vulnerability? Why do set ourselves up for disappointment? Why is it SO hard for us to give without focusing on how it will be reciprocated?

Lately I have been stingy with my love. I have been hesitant to give it and to express it fully because my ego whispers little black wisps of "what if" in my ear. "What if he doesn't love you back?" "What if she is still holding a grudge?" "What if he will fall out of love?" "What if she speaks a different love language?" Today, I'd like to tell my ego to STFU! Really! No more defense mechanisms. I would rather love myself dry than be a pent-up expressionless void! Wouldn't you?

Give compliments. Give hugs. Share feelings. Share your heart. Tell people you love them. Do all of it, often, without thinking about how the recipient will respond. Flex those love muscles whenever you can so that the heart can learn what it really means to be open - open to giving and also receiving when those magical moments do happen.

Yes, it's good to avoid thinking about what you will be receiving and really just giving altruistically... but just consider the Law of Attraction as a bit of motivation. Do you want your life to be full of love? The more love you exude and the more you set your sights on giving love, the greater chance you have of also being showered in love. 

Limitless undying love, 
which shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on across the universe

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