02 October 2012


So I realize I never posted all of my cautions about the full moon that rose last Saturday night. But I'm glad I didn't. Really glad. Because that would have perpetuated an avalanche of expectations, worry, and anticipation. Those things existed within me as a false security blanket from accepting reality, and the last thing I want to do is to encourage such unconscious behavior in any of you!

After preaching about taking each day for what it is and letting life just unfold, I had amped myself (and others) up about the moon. Astrologers were calling it a Monster Moon and warning their readers to keep their schedules open, their mouths shut, and their travel to a minimum. I did these things and was able to have a very nice, smooth weekend. It actually took me by surprise how wonderful my weekend turned out to be. After imagining big earthquakes, tumultuous communication, and unwelcomed surprises, I was actually dealt a peaceful, reassuring couple of days. It turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought....
  • Instead of earthquakes, I was able to ground myself and reestablish my footing
  • Instead of tumultuous communication, I opened myself up and allowed myself to be vulnerable
  • Instead of unwelcomed surprises, I was given pleasant surprises
Uranus - the planet of rebellion/change/unexpected occurrences - WAS at work. But it had great things to offer! So much for my alarmist assumptions. :) How was your full moon weekend??

"We could all be happy people, if we stopped feeding our own egos..."

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