24 September 2012

Be Still.

This is a lovely reminder for today and the week ahead. Often times I rely on things outside of myself to bring peace to my heart and mind. It's easy to blame my work load, the weather, how many times I made it to yoga last week, or a tiff with my little sister for the disturbance of that inner calmness. But really, no matter the circumstances around me, I am the only one responsible for that peace. We truly do have complete control over it. It's all about your outlook, and if you practice optimism or pessimism.  

I was reminded of a sweet quote when reading a book a friend lent me...
"We're all in the gutter, only some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde
How true! We are all amidst junk and unpleasantries. But it's our perspective when we are in that place that really dictates our happiness and peace. Have a beautiful week everyone!

"Anything to make you smile..."

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