27 September 2012

Be Present.

I shared this with my friends, the Bliss Sisters, this week, and I thought it was something special to share with all of you as well.

Release of all your guilt, resentment, and "need" to punish yourself or others (you cannot access the past). Let go of the fear, anxiety, worry, and antipation (you cannot access the future). None of those things serve the present (which is all we truly have!). All of those emotions exist as a result of living in the past or fabricating a future. The pain body wants you to hold onto these feelings for dear life and bear the weight of all those escapist, negative thoughts. But YOU are not the pain body - the pain body is NOT part of your core being, though it would like us to believe that it is.

Just relax, and still the mind. Be kind to your heart, and don't dull its rhythm with thoughts of what was or what might be. Roll with life and accept things as they come. This week leading into the crazy full moon has been such a lesson in stilling the mind, as my ruling planet Uranus (the most erractic and unpredictable of the planets) has been having a hay-day. I am finding that the less plans and commitments (expectations) I have this week, the less I sink into the guilt or worry. More on my thoughts about the full moon soon...

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