02 July 2012

Love Your Body...NOW!

That's it! I'm unsubscribing from all of the airbrushed Victoria Secret catalogs and discontinuing all the diet-tips/bikini bod emails. There is so much unrealistic "crap" saturating my poor, self-conscious, feminine mind. Just when I think I've had a really balanced meal and pat myself on the back for powering through yoga, there is a billboard with a half-naked woman who is half my size or a catalog awaiting me at home, adorned with lanky models. My confidence is immediately shut down and I'm back to judging myself. Of course, the "blame" lies with me (not the models, distributors, photographers,etc.), as I am the one comparing myself to these totally fake images. And even if the images are not fake, per say, it makes ZERO sense for me to compare my body to anyone else's - ever! I am not anyone but myself - my body belongs to me alone.

The least I can do is remove the images I have control over from my everyday life (the catalogs, the emails). This feels so much nicer (and more immediate) than bashing all of the photo editors and unrealistic ideals that the media pumps out. The MOST I can do is recite positive affirmations about my body every day. Whether I'm having a great hair day, or my legs look like in a dress, or my skin is looking particularly clear, I am committing to taking the time to give myself a big mental hug every day. This is extremely powerful, as I have typically found myself unhappy or dissatisfied with my body. I even programmed myself to deflect the kind words of others! Turning the negative into a positive is not difficult - really believing it and embracing the love I give myself may be a challenge in the beginning. But just like I conditioned myself to always be critical of how I look, I can certainly train myself to always be positive and thankful in my thoughts about my body. 

The idea of truly taking time to acknowledge myself and practicing loving affirmations came from my many awakenings at a Bliss Sisters retreat in Big Bear this past weekend. 
Here is a lovely, encouraging quote that Michelle gave to me. I taped it inside of my journal:
"I love my body. I create peacefulness in my mind, and my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health."
Starting today, I am prioritizing putting my mind to rest so that my body can thrive and be beautiful without judgement.

(even my weird long toe??? YUP!)

Stay tuned for reflections from my Bliss Sisters retreat! It was quite magical.

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  1. What a thought provoking post- thank you! We ALL struggle with our bodies and our self-love, but you're right- Re-wiring our brains with positive self talk can only do wonders for the self. Speak to yourself how you would to me, kindness and love out and IN!