18 June 2012


Timing - it baffles me! There are times when something completely upsetting will erupt in my life (a car accident, harsh feedback at work, an altercation with a loved one), and I reel at the thought of having to deal with such turmoil. It feels like the world decide to take a knee, right on my shoulders, and is wondering why I'm struggling under its weight. Why me? Why now? Those are frequent questions that pop in our minds when we are playing victim in our own lives. 

But no sooner than I ask the Universe to provide me with better news, does it deliver a gem of encouragement or crack a window of opportunity. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the seemingly life-ending occurrence to feel the breeze coming through that window. But if we practice trusting the Universe's choice of events and open our minds to greater possibilities than we could have imagined ourselves, then we will truly reap the benefits of all that is being offered to us. The Universe has a way of intrinsically restoring balance when things are off-kilter. So we must have patience and trust as it tips the scale one way or the other.

Timing... it can comfort us too, if we see it as a natural, fated entity rather than resenting its decision for our lives. We may not always be able to predict what the Universe has in mind for us, but we certainly have a very powerful ability to control our thoughts and cognizantly see things from a positive perspective.

I borrowed this sweet encouragement from my friends at the Bliss Sisters, which is a women's group that happens to be one of those special gems I reference above.

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