10 April 2012


“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.” 
What a powerful quote. I definitely need to meditate on this today, as I've been feeling "too nervous" to start or follow through with projects. That's usually a result of me being overwhelmed and running away from doing too much when I have a minute to catch some air. (I'm even "running away" right now as I blog, but I find this necessary and remedial!) In times of doubt or fear, I see that I stray away from what I need to do. I distract my thoughts and let procrastination (cleaning, reading, Pinterest) replace my accountability. Then when I get so far from feeling balanced and on track that I need to start over, I layer on thick, nasty resentment. It's a terrible cycle. "I'm tired of starting over this car insurance provider research." "I'm tired of starting over in my yoga practice." "I'm tired of starting over in my relationships." Well, then stop giving up! My laziness stems from fear to start. But if I never stop working through the tough projects and making little dents whenever I can, then the goal will never feel too out of reach. 

It's quite the balancing act to find that perfect medium between getting things done and stressing yourself with too-full a plate. The best thing to do is to be realistic. Map out feasible timelines for yourself that give you enough bandwidth to actually get things done. I need to get rid of my current list-making tactic, because each week I have a new list, and some items fall off (I get nervous and exclude them from my list after it becomes a seemingly idle task) or I lose sight of the long term goals while focusing on the more pressing, but smaller to-do items. I may think "Heck yeah! Crossed 10 things off my list!" and go into veg-out mode. But when those 10 things consist of grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, buying cat food, getting gas, and taking out the trash, I kid myself thinking that I have been super productive in the greater sense of what I need to get done. Of course, I did need to do those little things. But I need to also budget in the bigger ticket items (planning summer travel, learning about becoming a home owner, switching my car insurance provider... oops, I'm using my blog as a list!).  

Any suggestions about HOW to keep those bigger projects on the radar in the midst of the piddly little errands?

Lots of love to you today and always! 

New favorite artist... Birdy. Such a talented young lady. I've been listening to her album all day. This particular song seemed to fit well with my post today. 

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  1. Great thoughts today! I am exactly the same way & so needed to read this! :) Thank you for the encouragement, we are all on this journey of discovery together and need each other to keep strong.
    Isn't Birdy beyond amazing?! LOVE her. I listen to the album non stop along with Lana Del Ray.
    Love you! xo - Erica