01 February 2012

Welcome, February!

The start of February always brings a big smile to my face and hopeful excitement for a wonderful birthday month. However, I also know this particular month is going to be a little rocky for all of us...
Mars started retrograding on January 23 (it reactivates April 13)
Mars energizes other planets or houses of the zodiac; the aggressive, forceful, energetic, courageous planet - its retrograde may take away some of our gusto and determination

Beginning February 7, Saturn will retrograde too (until June 25) 
Saturn is the planet of concentration, permanence, tangible rewards, tenacity, ambition and productivity - its retrograde could mean little or no progress

Mercury will also go retrograde March 12 to April 4
Mercury represents non-emotional, highly rational objective thought - its retrograde scrambles information and causes static and confusion
This month, things aren't going to move as fast as we hoped, and it may be hard to stay motivated. But, that's okay - it's what the Universe intends for us. There is a reason that we need to put on the breaks and experience deeper inner reflection. Those conscious and accepting of the planets in retrograde will embrace this as a time to really be watchful of our thoughts and decisions this month. We all have the power to slow down and really listen hard to our intuition. Focus on breathing in the love that infuses this month and just being present to what your body and mind is leading you to do.

Want to read more about what this month has in store for you specifically? Visit Susan Miller's Astrology Zone: http://astrologyzone.com/forecasts/

Sometimes you need to read your monthly forecast a few times to really take it in. Perhaps read it now, and then give it a few hours or perhaps a whole day before reading again. I like to mark off all of the important days on my calendar to keep my mind active and in tune with the Universe throughout the month. See if that sounds nice and encouraging for you. :)

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