24 February 2012

Soul Mate... Revisited.

I am happy to say that I have already found a couple people who I consider soul mates in this short life I've lived. It almost feels like I have only been truly alive for a couple years when I think about the incredible story arcs and transformations that have recently transpired for me. (I guess all of the other years leading up to these pivotal points are not to be discounted, though.) The more beautiful and trying experiences you go through and the more life lessons you embrace / allow yourself to learn, the better you come to know yourself. The more you know yourself - inside and out - the easier it is to attract soul mates, purely by exuding your own energy and drawing in compatible energies. If that isn't motivation enough to be honest and open to the core, I don't know what is.

 Happy Weekend, everyone. I pray you (and I) prioritize knowing and loving yourself enough to unlock the possibility of meeting your soul mate(s). For no one compares to the people who speak to your being in such a natural way and make you feel on cloud nine just because you are each being your true selves. 
Christina Perri - Arms

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