03 February 2012

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability - capable of being wounded or hurt; susceptible to attack or injury; being exposed; weakness in defenses

After reading those definitions, you may be thinking, "Why on EARTH would I ever would be to vulnerable?!" I'll tell you why. And so will this amazing TED talk below. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable means that you are 100% open - to both "good" and "bad." Open to people, open to discoveries, open to growth, open to learning, open to feeling... It means putting yourself out there wholeheartedly and embracing the present as the most wonderful opportunity you'll ever receive. Because it very well could be. 

Something I discovered in watching this video is that there is another layer to being vulnerable. I feel that I am pretty good at giving my best effort to things/people/situations, even if the outcome has the potential to be painful (doesn't it always?). But when you are vulnerable and you have self-acceptance (or feel "worthy"), then you are golden. And by golden, I mean that you are setting yourself up for a life of happiness, peace, and fulfillment. It seems as though accepting oneself and the ability to be vulnerable go hand-in-hand. How can we be completely open to the Universe if we are holding back love from ourselves? Love of our bodies, our needs, our beliefs, our family... Once we can truly love all parts of ourselves, then not only can we see love in everyone else, but we also empower ourselves to be worthy of receiving love from others. What a beautiful cycle. 

Please comment with your thoughts on the video! I particularly love that this comes from an empirical researcher (like myself) who struggles to let go of the "control" and "predict" that are embedded in research. I'm a walking contradiction! And I love it.

TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability

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