15 February 2012

30 Simple Ways to Help Yourself Out

A dear friend shared this list with me from a wonderful blog called The Simply Luxurious Life, and I wanted to pass it on to all of you. So many great reminders for us, from speaking kindly of others, to treating our bodies with respect and learning to love ourselves. My friend printed these out for me in one convenient list so that I have a daily reminder of ways to feed my soul with love. Please do so for yourself if you feel as moved as I did!

1. Drink more water
2. Take deeper breaths
3. Respect your feelings, assess what you are truly feeling and why, then respond accordingly
4. Let go of the past
5. Stop spending so much money in hopes that it will bring more happiness
6. Depend upon yourself to discover happiness, not others
7. Move your body – walk, run, take a zumba class – move your most precious gift – a healthy body
8. Involve yourself in relationships that are uplifting, healthy and respectful
9. Stop the competition mindset and instead focus on improving upon your past behaviors.
10. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to just be by yourself
11. Care about someone or something (pet, charity, etc) as much as you care about your own life.
12. Pick up anything you take out immediately after use
13. Unpack as soon as you get home
14. Read
15. Cook more meals at home
16. Let go of jealousy and instead recognize and foster your own gifts
17. Say less, listen more
18. Stop being involved in gossip – whether sharing or receiving
19. Change your oil every 3 months and rotate your tires
20. Keep your standards high instead of lowering them to be accepted
21. Clean up the kitchen after each use
22. Tell the truth
23. Send thank you cards
24. When upset, give yourself time (a few minutes, 1 hour, a day) to collect your true thoughts and sift through the emotions to determine the true reason you are upset before continuing the conversation.
25. Stop seeking approval and approve of yourself and your own life choices
26. Limit your alcohol
27. Let go of perfection, and instead simply do your best
28. Take responsibility for yourself – stop blaming others
29. Don’t lend money to friends and/or family
30. Accept that you will have to work hard to attain what you desire and then get busy



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