22 January 2012

#16: 50 Life Secrets and Tips

What great timing... for myself, at least. This is one we can all relate to - you've probably had one if those times where you wish you could take back your dishonesty because of how messy it got. Hastily, we think it might be too hard to deal with the reality, so we create an imaginary one. Telling the truth is always "easier" on your conscience and your heart, and it's ultimately better for other person(s) involved. No one likes to be deceived. 
Be honest at all times. Lies lead to nothing but trouble. Being known as trustworthy is an excellent trait to maintain and essential to having integrity.
I'm ashamed to say I've had my fair share of "I'm going to save this situation with a lie" moments. I have told "white lies" and I have concocted elaborate stories to cover things up. But I have always, always regretted it. It feels so terrible, because I am always the reason that I am in the position to lie in the first place. Either I let something I needed to communicate go unheard, or I was afraid of what sharing the truth would mean so I dug myself into a hole. If I had integrity, I would never feel the need to be dishonest. I feel the need to recenter. I shouldn't overcommit to others or make the potential of hurting someone else's feelings a reason to lie. I must always default to being honest and not bending the truth. How can I expect others to be real with me if I avoid the truth myself?

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  1. eesh I can totally agree with you here. My white lies get away from me often and I end up just making myself sicker over them. I need to refocus on truth daily- after all, it will set you free ;)