15 January 2012

#13: 50 Life Secrets and Tips

Sorry to post this tip in the midst of a bit of a rain... but it's so important for overall health and mood.
Get in the sun. Superman was completely re-energized when he flew out to space and soaked in some rays and you can do the same right outside your front door (if you live in a constantly dreary place, my apologies). The sun feels amazing: your entire body will be coursing with warmth and life. 
In addition to those warm memories of summer and reminiscent smiles that perk up at thoughts of a sunny convertible ride or a beach day, there are medical reasons why the sun makes us feel so energized and uplifted. Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin," may protect against a host of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancers of the breast, prostate, and colon. Additionally, sunlight has other hidden benefits—like protecting against depression, insomnia, and an overactive immune system. Sit outside without sunscreen for about 10 mins in direct sunlight every day, and your body and mind will thank you handsomely! If there isn't any sun to bask in, make sure to eat food high in vitamin D (fish, milk, some oatmeal/cereal), or take a dissolvable supplement. 

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