12 January 2012

#12: 50 Life Secrets and Tips

Today's tip is simple.
Read books. No explanation needed.
Whether you enjoy fiction or non-fiction, reading is such a wonderful thing. You can travel to imaginary places and go to other parts of the world through the pages of a good book. It's nice to use books as an outlet to get immersed in an interesting story or to relate to characters you wouldn't otherwise meet. Some stories can be mindless fun, and others can really stir things within us or teach us about some unknown. They also spur great conversations - who doesn't like melting over a good book with another fan (or perhaps someone opposed to it)? It's even more exciting than talking about a TV show or a movie, because the visuals and audio live in the mind of each individual reader. I love to ponder different interpretations of scenes or how a character may actually look. Whenever a movie is made from a book I've read (which has been happening a lot lately), there is always that moment of truth where you have to see how the movie executives have interpreted the book. Will they get that sub-character right? Does the actor look like the character that has been played out in your mind? Will they keep true to the climactic ending you imagined?

Don't default to a new show or movie when you are looking to stimulate your mind with an outside medium. Give your imagination a jog and read a book instead!

Below are some of my favorite recent reads. Please comment and share yours with me! I want to have a new book at the top of my list for when I finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.


  1. I read all of the Hunger games, and the Millennium Trilogy and loved them as well! You should read a book called "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts, the writing is beautiful, the storyline is incredible, it's both happy, tragic, funny, a love story and war story all at once. I've recommended it to tons of people and never have they been disappointed, it's absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank you Kara! A couple people have recommended Shantaram to me. That will be next on my list. I will let you know when I get through it!

  2. You'll love it! I read like 1-2 books/week so I always have tooons of recommendations!