16 February 2011

Fascinating Ads

There is a great site I like to visit called http://www.ibelieveinadv.com/ (I Believe in Advertising). They post amazingly creative print and video ads from all different industries around the world. Take a look at some that I collected today...

bmt ­Bund Gegen Missbrauch der Tiere e.v. (Association against animal abuse): Fox

Exaaaactly... what if the tables were turned.

Onida Mobiles: Boss, Mom, Girlfriend

“If you’re on the phone, you’re not watching the road. Issued in public interest by Onida Mobiles.”
HAH - great way to illustrate the distraction it presents...

Canon PowerShot D10: Choir, Miss, Family

“It’s more fun underwater. Canon PowerShot D10.”

PETA: Veggie Love

PETA’s banned Super Bowl 2011 commercial.
LOL - vegetables never looked so good!

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